Fabric story in fashion: Designer labels using fabric as their main focus on the season or innovation in fabric that brought new trend.


Fabric is very important when it comes to clothing. Especially when you’re designing clothing meant for a specific setting, season or occasion. A lot of times, many people buy the particular brand of clothing solely because of its fabric.

That’s where a lot of the designers profit comes from. Some designers receive profit based on the style, and others based on the material. North face would be an amazing example. North Face specializes in a lot of outdoor activity wear. They sale everything from hats to shoes. They also specialize in outdoor equipment as well. Because its popularity is mostly among the youth and college students, I own a few of their products.

            The one thing that caught my interest would be their jackets. They have many different materials and fabrics. They provide jackets with different fabric for every occasion. They have windproof jackets, waterproof jackets, sunproof jackets, Ect. One example would be the TNF Hard Shell Jackets. These particular jackets are made with Hyvent fabrics which are designed to be waterproof and windproof, while still leaving you the ability to breathe (moosejaw.com). They are also made with “The Performance Shell” which is designed for a huge range of activities (moosejaw.com). They also have Fleece Jackets. These jackets are made with a fabric called “TKA” (Moosejaw.com). This stands for Thermal Kinetic Advancement. This fabric ranges from lightweight to heavy and provides a substantial amount of warmth to the skin.

            These are the perfect jackets for the average outdoor individual, especially those who endure cold weather often. The fabric used is popular among those who like to keep warm during the winter without doubling up on clothes. The owner and founder of this particular line of outdoor wear is also the president of Smart Fabrics (smithersapex.com). A lot of people value his opinon because of his technique and success from his line. A lot of innovative textiles played a role in some of his lines (smithersapex).



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Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is evolving more and more each day. One of most universally known pieces of wearable technology would be in my opinion a wrist watch. I chose this because, it has evolved so much over the years but kept the same general features. Another form of wearable technology would be LED lights in clothing. Katy Perry sported this look at an award ceremony and many are raving about it (fashion.telegraph). This could possibly be the start of more celebrities incorporating this type of look in their everyday wear. Nike and Sony also have many forms of wearable technology in their line. Nike has teamed up with iPod to create the ultimate workout experience (businessweek). These are just a few examples of how technology is making its way into fashion. I have no doubt that it’ll evolve and become even more. 

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Trickle-Up Fashion in the 21st Century

Trickle up fashion is initiated from the street and adopted by lower income people. This eventually flows to the higher level income class and adopted by them (Theories of Fashion, 2010). So this is basically a “bottoms up” movement. Designers are influenced by what looks appealing instead of where it comes from. Fashion is about a new look and not its orgin. Trickle up fashion is known to be the newest theory in the industry (Theories of Fashion, 2010). Today, hair and nail art has a major impact on the trickle up theory. For years black and latino girls from many different lower income subcultures sported these different styles on their hair and nails. Hair shows are very popular amongst the black community, and has been for years. Unfortunately, the originators go un

  • Marilyn, D. (2010).Berg Fashion Library. Theories of Fashion. Retrieved March 2,2012. From the UNT Database.
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Social Networking and its Impact on Retail/Merchandising

Social Networking and its Impact on Retail/Merchandising


Social Networking has had a tremendous impact on fashion and merchandising. Majority of fashion marketers use the social media to create a bigger buzz about their particular line. This gives designers and marketers the opportunity to interact with their potential consumers through the social media (Wikipedia). Although it took marketers awhile to adopt the idea of marketing through the social media, it has had a very good outcome for both parties. It also provides potential buyers to get a good look at their favorite icons in the trendy clothes they wear as well. This is good because many fans don’t get to see their favorite icons in person. Target customers have turned to websites like: Zara People, VOGUEAPEDIA, Twitter, and Facebook to get a further look at fashion and the different trends today.This provides them with easier access to adopt their trends and ideas that they admire a alot. They allow you to post pictures of yourself wearing the different clothing brands and see others doing the same. This makes it easier for those who are unsure about what’s in and what’s not to get a confirmed idea of the popular trends that most people are wearing. Today, they are developing different apps so those who are interested in different fashion events can follow with ease. This makes it more accessible to the average viewer. Knowing that the accessibility to these types of events is becoming even broader shows that the impact is better than ever before. They also have a Social Media Week specifically for fashion on the web. This is just another one of many examples to show you the progressive affect that going on. Marketers use this strategy and and in my opinion its only becoming more and more effective. We spend a lot of time on the computer and these social websites anyway. This particular strategy is giving us easier access to then things we love. The fashion we love or could come to love. Everyone wins and the buzz thats created gets the trends booming. Im a firm believer in this because I too, do a lot of my shopping online. I also get a lot of my ideas online as well. Its more convenient and sometimes even cheaper. Its easier to purchase the things you want that may not be in your area. Its also easier to find particular things online (ankitjain). The only downfall I can think of would be, the fact that you can’t interact with the marketer or designer. You can’t try out the things before buying them, and this could potentially leave some consumers disappointed. All in all, the social media has a had a very good impact on fashion and retailing. Image











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Ethnic Influences in Fashion

Ethnic influences has a huge impact on fashion today. Many consumers unknowingly purchase various items with alot of cultural influence. From jewlery to patterns, the cultural influence on America’s fashion is very broad. Since America’s society is filled with many different ethnicities. We tend to adopt other’s cultures, and ways of life. Fashion being one of them. This type of society is known as a “melting pot” society (Wikipedia). The diversity in America’s society has such a positive impact on our fashion.

Fashion designs often get their design ideas from many cultures other than their own. The average consumer is interested in something different than what they are accustomed to. This not only appeals the consumer, but the designer as well. India’s culture has a major impact on women’s fashion today. For example, Chandelier earrings and silk fabrics have been worn in that particular culture for centries. African, Chinese, and Japanese cultures have also had an influence on our culture. We can even use the modern day “skaterboy” trend. From the Vanz, to the Skinny Jeans, to the cartigains, and belt chains. Teens have adapted this particular trend. Whats so interesting about this, is that it knows no gender. Girls and boys have adapted to this particular look, which is uncommon.

America has also have a positive influence on fashion in other cultures. Just as theyve had an impact on ours. From the 70s hippie movement, to the more evolved trends that followed up afterwards. Our culture’s dress has come a long way since the 60s. Designers strived to evolve fashion in so many ways, and theyve done an amazing job. However history only repeats itself, and I have a feeling we’ll revert back to every style that we once tried to upgrade from.


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